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Blainey North

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Blainey North's Brochure & Capability Statement.


Blainey North




Interior Design

Type of Work

Brochure Design

We had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the visionary designer, Blainey North. Renowned globally for her modern, forward-thinking approach to interior architecture and design, Blainey North's work sets new standards of innovation and creativity.


Her commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our ethos at Easy Yoke Marketing, where we specialise in crafting visual identities that resonate with the essence of our client's brands.

The Challenge


Blainey North's signature style is a unique blend of clean, sleek aesthetics infused with an edgy and avant-garde twist. Her work needed to be translated into a tangible form that would captivate her discerning clientele and leave a lasting impression.


Our task was to design a brochure and capability statement that not only showcased her exceptional portfolio but also mirrored her distinctive design philosophy.

Our Approach


We embarked on this project with a deep understanding of Blainey North's brand identity and design principles.

Our team of creatives delved into her world, exploring the nuances of her work, the precision of her craftsmanship, and the beauty of her interior architecture.

We recognized that every detail mattered, just as it does in her projects.

The Design


The resulting brochure and capability statement embody the essence of Blainey North's design philosophy.


Clean lines, sophisticated typography, and a minimalist colour palette are combined with unexpected design elements that reflect her edgy approach.


Each page is a visual journey, carefully curated to showcase her work in its full glory. The design, just like her interiors, balances on the edge between elegance and innovation.

The Result


The final product is a stunning reflection of Blainey North's brand, a brochure and capability statement that she proudly presents to clients and collaborators worldwide. It serves as a powerful tool to communicate her vision, her values, and her unparalleled commitment to the art of design.


At Easy Yoke Marketing, we are honoured to have been part of this project, and it exemplifies our dedication to creating visual journeys that resonate with our client's essence.


Blainey North's brochure and capability statement are a testament to our expertise in marrying design with storytelling, creating an impact that goes beyond aesthetics.

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