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The Centre for Musculoskeletal Medicine is a leading physical therapy provider based in South Melbourne & Point Cook.






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Web Design


The team at the Centre for Musculoskeletal Medicine has been successfully servicing the South Melbourne & Albert Park community for the past couple of decades.

Due to their recent need to refresh the current clinic interiors, and opening a new branch in Point Cook, the team has approached us for a brand & digital channels refresh exercise.

Using natural & earthly colour hues, the olive green hue was the new brand direction. From a colour psychology point of view, greens always inspire healing & growth. A set of complimentary fresh colours were also selected to support the brand, and are to be incorporated into the clinic’s interiors.

The logo emblem was inspired by our muscle grain & structure especially the back muscle, which is one of the most common ailments treated by the team. The website design & theme also reflected the same calm & serene look and feel of the new brand direction.
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