If you don't know what a SKAG is
Then your Google AdWords campaign is either wasting money, or leaving money on the table. Both are bad.

it’s not magic, it’s Google AdWords.

A successful Google AdWords strategy is about smartly and cost-effectively building your online presence.

Our approach follows a simple yet highly-effective four-step strategy:

  1. Preliminary Analysis
  2. Campaign Set-Up
  3. Campaign Management
  4. Campaign Evaluation

a permanent solution to your problems.

Quite often, online marketing efforts do not perform at their desired level for a number of different reasons, including:

– Leads are converting for less profitable services

– Vague targeting strategies are leading to low conversion rates across the board

– Little to no website traffic is coming in for the business

We offer our clients a permanent solution to these problems. Through an effective Google AdWords campaign, our strategies and techniques enable us to:

– Specifically exclude low revenue search terms

– Target specific geographical areas

– Build focused, long-tail ad campaigns

Our Google AdWords strategy:

STEP 1 – Preliminary Analysis
  • Google Trends Data – We turn Google Trends Data insights into the types and magnitudes of opportunities in your campaign. Google trends data reveals search volume for particular terms as well as search trends, enabling us to craft personalised, targeted campaigns.
STEP 2 – Campaign Setup
  • Market Research & Campaign Tracking – We conduct a full day of market research to look at your target customer profiles and pair that with comprehensive keyword research to confidently know which ads we’ll be delivering to which future customers.
  • Segmentation – After our research is complete, our team will spend another full day building out your company’s ad groups, ad types, ad sets and individual ads.
  • Copywriting – Our copywriters then curate powerfully persuasive messages for each audience and ad segment to maximise relevancy and clickthrough rates.
STEP 3 – Campaign Management
  • Bid Optimisation – Our project management team will review your campaign performance in real time. Bid optimisation will occur across all ad channels, audiences and keywords.
  • Keyword Review – Successful keywords will be extensively research to find even more long-tail variations, with attention given to shorthand and conversational search terms.
  • Performance Tracking – We watch, test and learn throughout the project to monitor your Google Analytics website goals and find the most successful ongoing strategy.
STEP 4 – Campaign Evaluation
  • Funnel Analysis – On a weekly basis, we take a high-level look at all campaign components. We track visitor behaviour at each stage of your funnel and determine where the most optimisation can occur.
  • Mastered Innovation – We have run hundreds of campaigns over the years, and only manage one client in one local market/industry at a time in order to avoid conflict of interest. We call this experience “mastered innovation”.

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