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The team from Gemino are real estate veterans in the Australian market. They’ve noticed that all current online property listings portals are agents & property-focused. Almost always ignoring the end user’s needs & lifestyles. They’ve decided to plug that gap, and Gemino was born.






Property Tech.

Type of Work

Brochure Design
Web Design
Mobile App Design

Our team created a unique visual identity & strategy for the new project.


Easy Yoke conducted thorough market research identifying weaknesses in current property portals in the market.


Gemino was selected as a brand name meaning “Pair with, unite or join together in Latin”

Like matchmaking dating apps, you swipe right and left to save or discard property listings. The agents get notified and the fun begins.

Using vibrant modern colour hues, Gemino was born as a mobile-first product. The product will operate as a matchmaking system using your lifestyle choices to match you with the perfect property. With a sub-brand called “NearbyScore”, the portal assigns a percentage value to your preferences showcasing an overall score next to each property.
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