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Back Story

The team at Hexa property development group is an experienced developer bringing the modular home designs to the Australian market.

The new product range is an extension of the Hexa mother brand that needed an identity on its own.

Inspired by the majestic Australian natural scapes, and the initial 6 modular designs, the 6Homes brand was born.

6Homes Hoarding

Our Approach & Solution

Our research has identified a couple of competitors in the market. 6Homes had a real chance to stand out from the crowd with the new brand strategy.

Using natural & earthly color hues, the olive green hue was the new brand direction. From a color psychology point of view, greens always inspire sustainability, well being, and compliments the environment.

The logo emblem was designed by utilizing a negative space to present an intertwined 6 & H.

The website design & theme also reflected the same calm & serene look and feel of the new brand direction.

6Homes Website Screens