Mr. Bloom
E-Commerce, Branding & Social Media

Back Story

We’ve first worked with the team from Mr. Bloom back in 2014, helping them transform a family business into a modern brand.

Six years later, the business has thrived beyond our imagination, and we’re proud to be a part of its new growth phase.

The team expressed the need to refresh their brand to reflect the owner’s personal style. Making it more personal & approachable, yet classic and sophisticated.

A Proud Botanical

Project Scope

Brand Strategy
Brand Refresh
Brand Positioning
Logo Design
Social Media Templates
Custom Website Design
E-commerce Website Development


Our Approach & Solution

Like many of our clients this year, the new contactless reality of 2020 meant our client had to pivot. Bringing their shopfront to an online e-commerce platform.

In response, we’ve refreshed the brand and developed a cutting edge custom made eCommerce platform. Thus, ensuring they continue to thrive in the post-pandemic era.

Using a classic teal color hues, the new brand direction came to life.

The logo emblem was designed to represent a blooming plant combined with the letter B.

The website is geared for sales, but also with an educational tips section on how to best choose your plants to fit your home & lifestyle.