Sync Design
A Melbourne-based residential, commercial and interior design practice.

Project Scope


Capability Statement Documents
Fee Proposal Documents


Back Story

The team from Sync Design are interior design veterans in the Melbourne market.

In the past, the team have relied on text based subission documents to showcase their design capablity & fee proposals.

Due to current social distancing restrictions, the need for a more engaging documnents has become more important than ever.


Our Approach & Solution

Our team enjoys solid experience in property sector in the Australian market.

Having worked with developers & architects, we understand that attention spans are scarce, and text-heavy proposals will cuase the client to lose the sales process before it even began.

Staying true to our client’s brand guideline, we’ve produced digitally editable capability statement & fee proposal documents. The documents showcased the mouth watering work the team at Sync Design have produced so far.
The documents are also print ready to be produced as small brochures. The files we’ve produced are fully editable, and our client can make content changes without the need to engage graphics designers, saving them unnecessary future marketing overheads.